7 Things That Will Make Cleveland Great Again

7 things I think I think about the Republican convention this week:

  1. Dubya, H.W., Romney, and John McCain will play a weeklong drinking game together.  The game will be called “I chug, you chug” and the drink of choice will be anti-freeze.
  2. Trump will convene a breakout session Wednesday afternoon to crowdsource a nickname for Hillary’s VP.  Early money is on “Gringo Tim.”
  3. Quicken Loans Arena will be 10 degrees warmer by the end of Donald’s acceptance speech as a result of the A/C being turned off such as to not blow his birds nest hair out of place.
  4. Ivanka and Donald will compete for who can use the words “amazing” and “awesome” more.
  5. Melania’s speech will make you wish First Ladies could debate.
  6. Bobby Knight will give the second most memorable convention speech featuring a chair.
  7. Chris Christie will refuse to take off his “Make America Great Again” hat, holding out hope that Donald could still pick him as VP.


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Photo Credit: Yahoo.com

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