Watch out Donald, Barry-O is Back!

Since his last inauguration, Obama’s White House addresses have been the equivalent of Charles Barkley’s jump shot after he had his talent stolen by the Monstars.  Well, this afternoon in Charlotte, Michael Jordan just remembered he can dunk from half court.

In his first appearance alongside Hillary Clinton, Obama delivered a passionate and fiery speech that had democrats everywhere reminiscing of his 2008 and 2012 campaigns–not to mention the 2004 convention–where such vaulting orations were his bread and butter.

Appearing in a blue button down with loose cuffs, Obama walked with the swagger of Steph Curry before a three point contest against a toddler.  He couldn’t have been more relaxed if he had taken a Xanax after a massage and looked on cooly as Clinton introduced him while he sat perched with a teenager’s posture atop the lone stool on stage.

Like the second violinist she was, Clinton delivered an abridged solo and then turned the show back over the conductor and let Professor O take it away.  

Whether it was joking with the crowd or playfully shouting back at (friendly) hecklers, Obama displayed the rhetorical mastery that has always made him a giant among midgets when he takes the stage.  After an introduction in which he delivered character witness worthy testimony that Hillary ought to save and replay for St. Peter someday, Obama turned his attention to building his case not only for Clinton, but for the Democratic party as a whole.

Obama even revived some tracks off his 2008 Greatest Hits album, getting the crowd going with a “Ready to go! FIRED UP!” chant and then later delivering a “let’s take the higher road” zinger by responding the audience’s booing of Trump – whom he never mentioned by name – by saying “I was waiting for this opportunity. Don’t boo. Vote!”

The whole thing was total perfection, and like the last five minutes of a Law and Order episode, Obama tied all the pieces of his case together into a crisp, perfect bow.  

Fourteen million new jobs. A revived auto-industry. Twenty million new people with health insurance. Clean energy production reaching new heights.  

America doesn’t need to be great again, America is already great.

With Clinton grinning like a girl who had just been asked to prom by the quarterback, Obama continued to gin up the giddy crowd.  Fully lost in the moment, he eventually must have looked at his watch and semi-apologized to the crowd: ‘I know I’ve gone on too long. That’s what happens, you haven’t campaigned in a while you start just enjoying it too much.”

Watch out Donald, daddy’s home.

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Photo Credit: Susan Walsh AP

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