Donald Trump is Allergic to the Truth

Donald Trump is a lying liar.  If he had cut down Washington’s cherry tree he would have called into CNN and claimed a miniature tornado picked up the hatchet and repeatedly spun it against the tree until it fell.

For someone who says they are the antithesis to lying, corrupt politicians, Trump lies more than anyone… ever.  I watched Trump’s energy speech in North Dakota last week and in the first part of the speech counted almost a lie every two minutes.  If I had made it into a drinking game I would have had my stomach pumped by the time the Q-and-A started. 

Some of his lies are persistent lies (“I saw Muslims cheering on 9/11”) and some of them are convenient lies (“Hillary is going to abolish the second amendment”) but they are all lies.

We would never accept this sniveling lying from any other candidate, so why do Trump supporters accept it from him?  

Over the past week Trump has been on the defensive over the whereabouts of donations he allegedly made to veterans groups.  The Washington Post detailed his lies about the donations, which became increasingly bold and even included Trump denying statements he had made in the face of video of him making said statements. He gave $6 million: lie. He gave a million himself: lie. (He has since made a $1 million donation but only because he was called out for not having made one…)

He lies more impulsively and frequently than a child who claims they didn’t eat the last piece of cake despite having frosting smeared across their lips.

One of Trump’s favorite lies to tell involves him mysteriously coming down with rapid onset amnesia when questioned about his past.  For example, Politico wrote an extensive piece on Trump’s ties to mob members and in the article Trump repeatedly claimed to “hardly know” people who he had used to work with and one guy who he had even vouched for during a court sentencing procedure.

And then also last week, while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, Trump admitted to being “full of shit” when he praised Hillary Clinton back in 2008.  During the same interview he also admitted to using aliases but continued to deny (read: lie) that he impersonated his own spokesman who conveniently had the same name as the alias he said he liked to use.

As if last week weren’t chock-full of enough lies, Mediaite responded to Trump’s assertion that he “never reads” the Huffington Post, by posting a handful of times Trump has re-tweeted them.  Huff-Po writer Sam Stein even noted that Trump has written to him.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Well, Trump could.

Politifact has rated an astonishing 77% of Trump’s statements somewhere between “mostly false” and “pants on fire.”  That means only 23% of Trump’s public declarations are “half true” or better – not even 100% true!  Mitt Romney, by contrast, has ~60% of his statements rated as “half true” or better.

These lies are not slight exaggerations or mischaracterizations, they are downright, unequivocal, cut-and-dry lies.  Trump simply cannot tell the truth. He as an aversion to it like a cat to water or a dog to the vet.  If the answer to a question is inconvenient, unfortunate, or unflattering, he lies.  He says he doesn’t remember, he says the premise is wrong, or he makes something up.  

There is no sugar coating this. Donald Trump is allergic to the truth and a man of such severely decrepit character should never be allowed to step foot in the Oval Office.

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Photo Credit: AP

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